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Documents for download

Articles Written by Format Added
A Buyers Guide to Laser Projection Editors and Project leads:
David Hancock (IHS Markit) and Matt Jahans (Harkness Screens)
Tom Bert, Goran Stojmenovik – Barco
Brian Claypool – Christie
Dave Monk, John Graham - EDCF
Mark Kendall - NEC
Mark Clowes - Sony
Guillaume Branders – UNIC
PDF 14/12/2018
EDCF Annual Convention 2016 in Munich   PDF 21/12/2016
IBC Big Screen Experience Report 2016   PDF 21/10/2016
Distributed Ledger Technology: beyond block chain Sir Mark Walport, UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser PDF 06/09/2016
Nordisk Case Study Movio PDF 29/8/2016
CineEurope 2016: A summary for EDCF members David Hancock PDF 20/07/2016
Focus Europe UNIC PDF 03/05/2016
Breaking the Blockbuster Code Bryan Smith (Movio) PDF 03/05/2016
What Women Want Bryan Smith (Movio) PDF 03/05/2016
EDCF Newsletter David Hancock PDF 27/04/2016
Cinema: Experience is everything David Hancock PDF 27/04/2016
Jim Slater's report of the EDCF Global Update at IBC 2015 Jim Slater PDF 16/12/2015
Some Considerations on the Diversity of Cinema Programs in the Digital Age Peter Bosma PDF 09/12/2015

Available Cinema – a new technical solution from the Swedish Film Institute

Available Cinema - Summary Ramon Reissmuller PDF 03/11/2015
Industry Standard – Available Cinema   PDF 05/11/2015
Government Assignment for Increased Accessibility to Film   PDF 03/11/2015
EDCF Festivals Guide 2014   PDF 10/12/2014
Joint UNIC-EDCF Statement on Projector Light Level Specifications in Cinema Exhibition Phil Clapp and Antoine Virenque PDF 15/12/2013
EDCF Guide to 3D Cinema Jim Slater (editor) PDF 05/09/2012
Technical Guide for the Projection Booth in Digital Cinema CST and FNCF PDF 05/05/2011

The EDCF response to EC Competition Directorate Consultation

EDCF Answer to the Questionnaire from The European Commission on the Italian Project of Tax Credit for the Investment in Digital Cinemas PDF 06/11/2009
Key Capabilities of D Cinema (debunking the myths) Dave Monk PDF 06/11/2009
Rome presentation summary Antoine Virenque PDF 06/11/2009
Digital Cinema Review Angelo D’Alessio PDF 06/11/2009
Going Live!: Digital Exhibition of Live Alternative Events: an Introductory Guide Arqiva PDF 18/10/2009
The EDCF Guide to Alternative Content for Digital Cinema EDCF Technical Support Group PDF 23/06/2009

EDCF presentation at CinemaExpo 2008

Letter on Access in Digital Cinema (NATO) John Fithian PDF 09/06/2008
Grasping the European D-Cinema Nettle David Monk PowerPoint 07/04/2008
Grasping the D-Cinema Nettle in Europe Charlotte Jones, Screen Digest PowerPoint 07/04/2008
Guide to Digital Cinema Mastering (updated) Peter Wilson, Jim Whittlesey, Richard Welsh, Nick Mitchell, Mazin AlJumali, Rich Philips and Angelo D’Alessio PDF 14/11/2007
Virtual Print Fee Q and A from Arts Media Alliance AAM PDF 05/11/2007
D-Cinema Screens and Projects Screen Digest PDF 24/08/2007
Digital Cinema up and Running Screen Digest PDF 14/08/2007
Early Adopters Guide   PDF 27/06/2005
DCI Specification PDF 16/09/2005
DCI Specification for Post Production PowerPoint 16/09/2005
Ascent Presentation IBC 2005 PowerPoint 16/09/2005
Deluxe Presentation IBC 2005 PowerPoint 16/09/2005
General Assembly 2004 Report RTF 05/08/2004
EDCF Guide to Digital Cinema Prod. EDCF Content Module MS Word 04/05/2004
Digital Cinema Key Questions Michel Benoit PDF 07/11/2003

3D Cinema

Production Issues with 3d Content Targeting Cinema, TV, and Mobile Devices Benoit Michel (Université Catholique de Louvain) PDF 14/12/2009
Using Multiple Methods in a Single 3D Project Matt DeJohn and David Seigle (In-Three) et al PDF 13/10/2008
Glossary of Terms for 3D Post David Seigle (In-Three) PDF 13/10/2008
Depth Grading for Perfect 3D David Seigle (In-Three) PDF 13/10/2008
Enjoying 3D without Glasses David Seigle (In-Three) PDF 13/10/2008
Stereoscopic Geometry of 3D Presentations Matt DeJohn, Will Drees, David Seigle and Jim Susinno (In-Three) PDF 13/10/2008
REAL D 3D Theatrical System - A technical overview Matt Cowan PDF 24/04/2008
The Dolby Solution to Digital 3D Jim Slater PDF 24/04/2008