European Digital Cinema Forum


The popular EDCF Global Update will feature in this year's Big Screen at IBC. This will be presented on Sunday September 16th at 14:30 in G102.

We have an impressive line-up of leading figures in the industry:-

Dave Monk—Chairman

David Hancock

Jack Watts

Steve Llamb

Tomas Witkowski

Cathy Huis in t’veld-Esser

Rich Philips

Gilles Claeys

John Hurst

Andy Maltz -

Radoslav Markov(

Mats Erixon

Rich Welsh

Julian Pinn

Oliver Pasch

David Hernandez

Pete Ludé

and we have a wide range of interesting, essential topics

A Global summary

SMPTE DCP Project;launch of

Transition to Laser â€" crossing the chasm

Standards for new technologies

Foundation for open source software & The Academy DSM specification

Cinema in 2050

Low latency networks in education and traditional distribution

AI applications in versioning

The EDCF Best Practice Guide

Audio conformance

Facility List Message and automated KDM fulfillment

Direct View—now & the future

The session will be followed by a networking drinks reception

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