EDCF 2019 | Annual Conference

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EDCF 2019 Annual Conference


Preparations for the EDCF annual conference at Cineplexx Wienerberg in Vienna, November 27th-28th 2019 are well underway. Although details of the agenda have not been finalized they will be communicated within the coming weeks the board have already agreed on the time frame: We will start on Wednesday, November 27th around 17:00 CET and end Thursday, November 28th around 16:00 CET.

The Agenda is as follows;

Wednesday, November 27th


Twelve Conference Centre
Hertha-Firnberg-Straße 8
A-1100 Wien


  • A to Z of cinema” – Patrick von Sychowski
  • Discussion: Christ Papousek; Christof Federle


Dinner: Restaurant Marienhof, Vienna Central (transportation provided by Coach)

Thursday, November 28th


Cineplexx Wienerberg
Wienerbergstraße 11 Wienerberg
1100 Wien, Österreich

08h00                   Coffee


Tour of Site: LED; Real D Ultimate


Opening Session and Global Plenary
Theme: Technology development; state of play of standards and Exhibitor testing


Soapbox: Topic Choice:

  1. EDCF Quality Certification
  2. Immersive sound open standards
  3. Blockchain 
  4. Event Cinema Tech issues
  5. Sustainability in cinemas
  6. HFR: is there a future for it
  7. NATO: Exhibitor tech testing
  8. Netflix: friend or foe?
  9. 4D in cinemas
  10. Cinemas launching streaming                  
  11. Accessibility: technology driving open access to cinema

12h00                    Lunch


Break out groups- 30 mins each (time includes changeovers) Explanation and group allocation.

Group 1                Premium screens: mass market future or staying a niche
Group 2                HDR: what needs to change; do we need it TV and streaming; audience demand
Group 3                Financing new technology and replacing old technology


Plenary session after work groups. Discussion of themes and take outs from the workshops.


EDCF Actions for the coming year


16h00                    Close

It should be possible for everybody to arrive on Wednesday and leave on Thursday and to be able to do travel arrangements now. Hotel reservation negeotiations have been comunicated. Please confirm your attendance at the conference to me Juergen Burghardt as soon as you have made your travel arrangements to be able to judge the number of participants.