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EDCF Convention 2024 Review – Part Three: Hands-on cinema experiences

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Behind the Scenes of Pathé Royal Theater Tuschinski

The second day started with a tour of Royal Theater Tuschinski, without doubt one of the most iconic cinemas. Founded by Abraham Tuschinski in 1921, its unique design, a mix of Art déco and Amsterdam school style elements, with a ventilation system that was completely new at the time of construction and a specific theatre organ developed for silent films, has been kept alive till today. The modern cinema equipment seems to be perfectly intertwined with the historic ambience of the building. 

During the tour, the EDCF convention attendees also had the chance to glimpse into the projection room, e. g. to see how the projectors’ pedestals constructions were fit to work with the extreme projection angle.

Behind the Scenes of Pathé De Munt

From the atmosphere of 20th century art deco to to the look and feel of a 21st century cinema. With its central concession area including self-service POS desks the site welcomes its visitors just around the corner of its older, more mundaine sister. With a Dolby cinema and a 4DX installation the cinema caters for two forms of immersive experience.

The following panel discussion on HDR focused on the new addendum to the DCI regulations for HDR. Moderator Tom Bert (Barco) and his panelists Jan Rasmussen (Nordisk Film), Chris Connett (Christie), Adam MacDonald (GDC) and Jan Harmsen (Kinopolis) discussed how challenging (if not impossible) it is to meet the DCI requirements for HDR with a projection screen as the numbers indicated are not a real challenge for an LED wall, but are a demanding one when it comes to projection.

Visit to The EYE Filmmuseum

For those who could extend their stay to the afternoon, the EDCF Convention comprised a boat tour and visit to Amsterdam’s architectural gem which was inaugurated in 2012. The visit started with a tour through the projection rooms of the venue, with all the different digital and analog projection and sound technologies, all carefully maintained as replacements for historic devices are rare to find.

After the look  behind-the-scenes there was also enough time to visit the permanent “What is film“ exhibition showing the historical evolution of cinema technology from its first steps with a magic lantern to modern-day projection as well as the current exhibition Cosmic Realism, the first retrospective featuring the works of Véréna Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor.

The EYE was the perfect place to end the EDCF convention 2024 in Amsterdam. Thank you to everyone who joined us for this  2-day adventure. See you next time in…?

Thank you to our sponsors and hosts

Also a huge thank you to our sponsors one cinema, Barco, Christie, The Anything, and Gofilex.

A special thanks goes out to the teams of Pathé Royal Theater Tuschinski and Pathé De Munt for their warm hospitality which gave these two days the finishing touch.

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The EYE Film Museum view: © Corinne de Korver
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© Jordi Wallenburg