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EDCF Seminar at IBC 2023 – Programme

Cinema looks forward to a changing future

September 17th – time: 14:00 CET
Room: E105 – rai Conference Center / Amsterdam
Number of attendees: max. 66 people


The European Digital Cinema Forum (EDCF) is once again hosting its long standing and much anticipated EDCF Global Cinema Seminar at IBC. As cinema has almost fully recovered from the pandemic closures, change has been forced upon an industry that was embracing investment and premium technologies. The Seminar will address the key issues facing the industry in 2023 and beyond, such as creative Solutions to supply chain issues, the challenge of sustainability in the film and cinema sectors, HDR in cinema, broadening out and delivery of content supply and issues around cybersecurity and content as well as newest Audio developments. If you want to tap into the industry’s latest thoughts, please join us in Amsterdam.

Hosted by the EDCF and including a wide range of high-level Speakers the Session will be chaired by Julian Pinn – EDCF Vice President.

Attendance is free of charge but registration is required by email to


Moderator: Julain Pinn – Vice President EDCF
Welcome greeting: Cathy Huis in ‘t veld‑Esser – President EDCF

  1. Update on Cinema business development in Europe

David Hancock – Omdia

  1. Report on problem resolution workshop at Cine Europe 2023 and follow up (tbc)

Cathy Huis in ‘t veld-Esser – Gofilex

  1. An industry converting to laser, postproduction cannot stay behind

Tom Bert – Barco

  1. DCI has now standardized HDR for cinema, what does it mean for content creators and postproduction”

Jean-Philippe Jaquemin – Barco

  1. AI-based subtitle generation and translation in cloud-based workflows

Philipp Eibl – Fraunhofer IIS

  1. The future of the cinema theatres: to become part of a video streaming platform

Oleg Berezin – Nevafilm

  1. Current state of Streaming and what we’re seeing in the market related to cinema (tbc)

Jessica Carlin – Pickaxe Foundry

  1. Sustainability in film and cinema

David Hancock – Omdia

  1. Why do we need data for a successful sustainability strategy?

Cedric Lejeune – Holli

  1. Green deal and right to repair affect both parts of the industry.

Radoslav Markov – Bulgarian academy of science

Audience profile
Technicians and engineers of cinema technology; System integrators; cinema operators

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