How to join

Who should join the EDCF?

The EDCF is open to all those involved in the chain from film production through distribution to exhibition, as well as film institutes, national administrations, the European Commission, trade associations etc.

Suscribing to EDCF

  • EDCF provides a focus for European D-Cinema interests and a channel to direct any issues to the appropriate national and international companies and agencies to ensure that European interests are served in all areas of D-Cinema deployment.
  • EDCF offers its members access to three support groups: The Technical Support Group, The Distribution Support Group and The Exhibition Support Group.
  • EDCF hosts Workshops and Seminars in European and Worldwide locations to address specific issues and to provide information to the industry.
  • We provide members with networking opportunities through meetings and conferences.
  • We offer speaking opportunities at high-profile International Conferences such as IBC.
  • Our web site provides links to members’ web-sites.
  • Members have access to privileged events such as our visit to Hollywood Studios and facilities.
  • We produce an e-mail newsletter to facilitate the flow of information amongst members.

Suscription & Payment

Membership of EDCF is by annual subscription. The EDCF Board sets subscription fees annually. For all new membership enquiries, please contact

New members are invoiced following confirmation that they have read and agreed to the Forum’s Statutes which you can read in the Foundation document and the Rules and Regulations.

Cancellation Policy

Refunds are not available if membership is cancelled within the twelve-month period from date of invoice.